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Moving pool tables successfully requires the skills of experienced movers. Count on Metropolitan Movers Edmonton to undertake this complex project. We possess extensive experience relocating a wide variety of items for residential and business clients. Put our expertise as pool table movers to work for you!

Your Pool Table: A Valuable Investment

Today, pool tables have become expensive gaming products. This type of merchandise typically costs anywhere from 1,340 Canadian Dollars to upwards of tens of thousands. Pool table movers must exercise exceptional care; even massively heavy tables possess surprisingly delicate surfaces. Accidental damage to the table during any stage of the moving process may result in significant repair bills.

Your investment in a lovely pool table warrants taking every precaution to maintain its condition. If you’ve decided to move you table in Edmonton, why not entrust it to a highly respected team of pool table movers? Go ahead and contact Metropolitan Movers Edmonton for fast, careful assistance.

Our Pool Table Movers

We offer some important advantages. Just consider a few of the reasons why our clients ask us to move pool tables for them across Edmonton and throughout Ontario. If you’ve considered hiring a moving company for this purpose, you’ll want to request a free estimate from us:

  • Use a qualified local moving firm;
  • We serve both business and residential clients;
  • Extensive experience transporting pool tables,; 
  • Remarkably affordable rates;
  • We offer short and long distance pool table moving services;
  • Our movers carefully wrap and protect pool tables during loading, transit, and unloading;
  • Obtain turnkey service upon request!

By selecting Metropolitan Movers Edmonton as your preferred pool table movers, you’ll gain greater peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a team with considerable experience in this specialized field. We value our clients. Our movers treat your possessions during a move with the same high level of care and attention we’d devote to transporting our own property. 

Request Pool Table Moving Services

The need to move pool tables arises more frequently than many people imagine. Household and business relocations, commercial openings or closings, and sales may all lead clients to seek our specialized pool table transportation services. We welcome the opportunity to assist you. Ask us to move a pool table from one floor in a building to another, or across Canada. Contact us now at 780-652-1132 to request a free quote now!


Client: This is Spencer Tapley here. I am here with Ali from Metropolitan Movers and I wanna say–What an awesome job that Ali and Alex and Andrew did for me, packing and moving yesterday and today. And, Lorena and the office is magnificent. If you guys need to move, you need to call Metropolitan Movers. Great rates, great deals, great people. Thank you